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City of Cambridge to stand up for the arts?

Cambridge, MA 02139, April 14, 2018. The EMF Community—comprised of over 200 musicians, artists, and business owners—is fighting immediate eviction from the EMF building at 110-120 Brookline Street in Cambridge, MA. The EMF Community seeks long-term solutions to sustain the EMF building as workspace for artists and musical ecosystem.

On Monday, April 2, the Cambridge City Council heard nearly two and a half hours of public comment on the significance of the EMF building, as it regards to Policy Order #101 sponsored by Councilors Zondervan, Carlone and Vice Mayor Devereux. The amended order, which requested the City Manager solicit additional time for the artists to occupy the building, as well as assess feasibility of purchasing the building to preserve it as an artist space, was passed 8-1, with Councilor Toomey dissenting and Councilor Simmons abstaining.

Following that meeting, the building owner John DiGiovanni engaged in discussion with Mayor McGovern, Councilor Mallon, and City Manager Louie DePasquale. On April 6, Mayor McGovern announced DiGiovanni’s agreement to allow the tenants an additional month in the building, pushing the eviction date back to May 31st. The City of Cambridge will use the additional time to assess the building and investigate options for maintaining it as a workspace for the existing musician, artist, and business owner tenants.

The EMF building—previously the location for an electrical supply company—was reopened as a music and art space in 2006, and houses 60 music rehearsal rooms, three professional recording studios, and a visual arts workshop. Prior to, and following, its reopening in 2006, the building underwent extensive renovations to make it suitable for studio and music rehearsals, as well as zone it appropriately. John DiGiovanni of Trinity Property Management purchased the building in 2016. Tenants of the building received notices to quit dated February 26, 2018, with an eviction date of April 30, 2018; said notices were signed by John P. DiGiovanni, of Trinity Property Management, Inc., as agent for Ledgemoor, LLC, Landlord.

The EMF Community’s goal is to save and maintain the EMF building as an affordable space for musicians and artists. The building tenants provide numerous economic benefits to Cambridge, and beyond, through paid and donated music performances, paid and donated music lessons, music engineering services, a pipeline of musical talent for local music venues, restaurants, and record stores, patronage to local businesses, and rents and homeownership tax from musicians who also reside in Cambridge. The EMF Community also richly contributes to the culture of Cambridge and the entire region, through creativity, public service, demonstration of work ethic against great odds, and community building and reflection. This community is a critical resource for the continuing development of local musicians and artists, and through them, a critical resource to the cities they serve.

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