May Day Anti Art Event – May 1, 2018


If you were educated in the U.S. there’s a good chance you don’t know the full history of May First.  Around the world, it is known as international workers day and celebrates the hard fought victories of the working class which include the eight hour day and the weekend.  The history is suppressed in the U.S. because it makes our justice system look bad. The full story contains an unjust trial and the state sanctioned murder of several innocent anarchist organizers in Chicago.

Although artists and musicians contribute to our society, economically and culturally, we are not often viewed as workers, and the products of our labor are often not compensated fairly. When we organize together, we have the power to change the public view of artists as important laborers, and to advocate for the resources we need.

Recently, at the EMF building outside of central square, some artists and musicians have formed a coalition with the goal of saving themselves from eviction.  The building is owned by John DiGiovanni, board president of the Harvard square business association, who claims to support the arts, but is potentially destroying a hub of creativity where musicians go to hone their crafts and make important connections.

Through public testimony and a policy order spearheaded by Vice Mayor Devereux ,Councillor Zondervan and Councilor Carlone, the musicians were able to get the support of the Cambridge City Council, and now the Mayor and the City Manager are in conversation with John DiGiovanni to explore other possible solutions.

If many sympathetic people unite with the EMF tenants, now called the Cambridge Artist Coalition, the possibility of saving the building for artist use will grow.  If many people join the Cambridge Artist Coalition, they could collectively organize to keep artists and musicians in Cambridge, and keep it a vibrant, creative place.

Central Square has lost two music venue/art galleries in the past couple of years, Mobius and Out of the Blue, we can’t afford to lose any more!!!

Please consider joining the fight, visit for more details.